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Implement Steve Covey Method: Important and Urgent flags

Anonymous 6 years ago • updated by Kevin Erath 5 years ago 0
The Steve Covey's book "Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People" show how to organize the time according to if a though is important and urgent (quadrant 1), important and not urgent (quadrant 2), not important and urgent (Q.3) and not urgent and not important (Q.4).
To combine this metod and GTD is the perfect form to get things done efficient and effectively.
No other software contemplate it. Wieldy would be the first.
Priority is compatible with this method because inside the quadrants can be different priority for each though.
In addition a option in configuration section could set a mode of automatic priority to associate the for current levels of priority with for quadrants.
To display de quadrant for a though a orange LED (of/off) for Urgent and a blue LED for Important could be interesting, as well as a Q1~Q4 or Level1~Level4 or 1~4 tag. This tag could be implemented with the existing tags or separately.
Thank you very much; in my opinion Wieldy can be de best software in this sector